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How stakeholders can benefit?


ALM revolutionizes flight booking through cutting-edge technology. From creating listings to final booking, this platform employs an auto-matching algorithm and a detailed pricing engine for optimal resource use and secure negotiation.

Key functionalities

Key benefits

Leverage ALM optimization engine to match loads with capacity

Optimize Capacity for increased Revenue per FTK

Promoting sustainable environment by exchange of real-time information

Enhanced customer-connect with freight forwarders network

Seamless rate distribution and management

Freight Forwarders

Empower your freight operations with our platform! Easily input detailed load information, book capacities, and explore special services. Streamline your logistics from finding the best flights to negotiating competitive prices with airlines. Foster positive relationships and negotiate the best pricing for cost-effective services. Effortlessly browse carriers, view prices, and create bookings for a seamless experience. Elevate your logistics game with us! 

Key functionalities

Key benefits

Easy access to capacity
and schedules

and book

Ability to send/receive

Easy e-booking
with carriers

Optimized route


Revolutionize logistics with our platform – a game changer for airlines and freight forwarders. Airlines effortlessly showcase rates, share quotes, and manage cargo. Forwarders benefit from easy searches, price comparisons, and built-in connections for unbeatable deals. 

Experience quick bookings with streamlined workflows and stay updated. Our powerful rate engine and data dashboards unlock lucrative opportunities, fostering a thriving air cargo community with enhanced collaboration.

Key functionalities

Key benefits

Exposure to
new markets

Allows faster GTM
policy adherence

Access to more


Adds value to one's
supply chain